MUArtOnline MuOnline Land Of Mighty Warriors 3D Browser Game

- Play to Gain (Fair Gameplay)

- All Items can be gained from just play time

- Items can be upgraded for FREE by playing

- Dynamic Exp System

- Live Help and Help Desk Support

- Castle Siege Every Day

- Arca War Every Week-End

- Balanced PvP Classes

- Vote Rewards: Credits

- LvL Reset Rewards: Credits

- Online Hours Rewards: Credits

- Balanced PvP and PvE Classes

- Max Stats DK,DW,ELF,SUM=8000

- Max Stats RF,MG,DL=9000

- No Download! Play directly in Browser!

- Free ViP2,R2 Wings,1M Vouchers,100M Gold!

- 20x Exp And 6x Upgrades

- 4 Classes, Bosses And Dungeons

- Open World PvP

- Lots Of PvP And PvE Events

- Vote Rewards: Taels, Vouchers And ViP Poins

- Each InGame Event Has Great Prizes

- Help Desk Support

Vote For Us

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